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It is the android tutorial for the beginners who want to learn android programming how to develop android mobile phone, tablet and other smart device applications. it also has sample code of different examples. This course contains following topics - Setup Environment, Basic application components, activity, fragment, service, user controls, styles and themes, content provider, broadcasting receiver.
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Compression and decompression is one of the exciting features of .Net framework 4.5. In previous versions developer were always worry to find some third party APIs for compression. But finally Microsoft has resolved their problem and provided the API for this purpose.
Caching is a technique of storing data in memory which takes time to create. Caching is one of the best features of the ASP.NET. For example, you could cache the data from complex query which takes time to fetch data.
The file downloading is the normal functionality in web development. In MVC some developer feels it is difficult to do it from controller. The downloading file in MVC is as simple as it is in ASP.Net.
There are several ways to handle event in android mobile application development. Events handling is used for interaction with users. In this blog I will explain how you can register your event handler for different controls. I am using Button click event as a use case in this blog and you can apply same technique for different events. Java provides a different ways to handle event and I will explain all these ways one by one.